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Compliance Monitoring Labs, Inc.


We are certified to test for over 40 environmental parameters by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.


Because we follow strict SOPs, our staff is trained to know the "ins and outs" of water analysis, both in the laboratory and on the administrative side of the company. Each laboratory test is analyzed on our SEAS computer system, making data easily accessible. We also understand the importance of a fast turnaround in the lab. In the past, turnaround time has been three to five working days; today our turnaround time is 24 hours thanks to the addition of equipment.


The laboratory technicians understand the meaning of quality control, and they analyze QC samples every 10 to 20 samples. Our QC program will be available online soon for each analyte we currently have in our certification. Each individual sample goes through a rigorous Quality Control check before leaving CMLI; it follows a three-tier process for the review of analysis for assurance of sample accuracy.


Our laboratory is filled with the industry's state-of-the-art equipment, and the most qualified laboratory technicians. Every test is analyzed by an individual technician dedicated to ensure quality and quantity of the results of that test. All of our lab technicians must pass a demonstration of capability test before they can start analyzing samples. Our technicians are evaluated semi-annually with performance evaluation tests, and they are evaluated monthly with blind studies. The lab is also inspected annually by the WVDEP on a normal working day to ensure that our lab meets all of the state requirements.

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